One - light wood, limestone shelf

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Production time and delivery
Your Livsdal One is hand made by craftsmen to your specifications. You and your family can expect to start enjoying all the benefits of pure, clean air 4-8 weeks after placing your order. The price includes free worldwide shipping from Sweden.

Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty
Every Livsdal One air purifier comes with a unique Livsdal Certificate of Authenticity. Your Livsdal is covered by a 1 year warranty.

Room size 
Up to 150 m²/1615 ft²

Filter size
Hepa 13 Particle filter: 9.7 m²/104 ft²
Carbon Molecule filters: 11.7 kg/25.8 lbs of activated carbon

H 82 cm/32 in x W 67 cm/26 in x D 45 cm/18 in

Cabinet with stone shelf: 80 kg/176 lbs

Air delivery cubic meter per hour: 55-85-160-280-490
Sound level dB(Lw): 25-33-44-50-66
Energy consumption watts: 8-10-15-21-60

Air delivery cubic feet per minute: 32-50-94-164-288
Sound level dB(Lw): 25-33-44-50-66
Energy consumption watts: 8-10-15-21-60


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